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Ayudetox System of holistic wellbeing is a joint endeavor by Diogenus Consortium Pvt. Ltd. India.

About Ayu Detox

Ayudetox System of holistic wellbeing is a joint endeavor by Diogenus Consortium Pvt. Ltd. The process & its course of action studied & implemented in Tripti’s Healthcare Clinic and the wonderful herbal products developed, designed & produced by Diogenus Consortium Pvt. Ltd; combined together is a perfect recipe for a comprehensive Ayudetox System of holistic wellbeing.

Tripti Healthcare Clinic

We had a very humble beginning in 1997 at Ludhiana, as a simple “Wholistic health care clinic with the commitment to provide a better quality of life.”

In Tripti Healthcare Clinic we successfully made an all out attempt to educate people about adverse effects of misuse or abuse of medicines like self medication or over medication or under medication, etc…

We have our undivided focus on promoting healthy lifestyle, suggestions for lifestyle modifications, homely remedies & counseling.

Our motto is to try to keep people away from indulging in to the medicines for all simple problems, of course when you have some serious problem, you should take medicines under the guidance of a good doctor.

Here we propagated Wholistic Health Awareness to all our patient clients.

We integrated the herbal & Homeopathy remedies to assist people in achieving good health.

We devised a good way of adjuvant treatment for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Low Immunity, All kinds of Allergies, Infertility & Cancer by integrating Ayurveda, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese herbs, Traditional Herbs from Thailand & Europe, homeopathy, healing mudras & flower fragrance therapy.

We have 3 branches; 1 in Delhi,  BRS Nagar – Ludhiana &  Beijing – China.


The Seed of this Company was sown in year 2003 when our founder member made a 5 country study tour in Asia region to understand various systems of herbs & there uses.

From 2006 we have our presence in China.
All over the world the value of our “intellectual Property (products)” is considered to be very high.
We are involved in Marketing of our products & very soon we plan to establish a state of the art ultra modern manufacturing facility.
Our plan is to establish ourselves as a forerunner “house of wholistic health” provider.


  • To establish a significant presence all over the world in the coming decade..
  • To achieve & maintain growth rate of 25% per annum.
  • Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero.
  • To make Ayudetox as a synonym to “Holistic health.”
  • To develop a comprehensive Alternative treatment for lifestyle disorders..


  • To provide a better quality of life with utmost safe procedures & products..
  • To promote Health as an effortless state of being.
  • To cultivate the sense of wellbeing.
  • To remove the barrier of financial status for being healthy.
  • To assist people in bringing out their natural sense of wellbeing.

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+ 91 9810947745

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